Your expedition begins here

We all love the little black and white birds that are prolific in Antarctica. But let’s face it, after days of exploring and smelling their pong, you’re going to be keen to look for a few new things to do, that aren’t so smelly. So here’s a short list of fun things we love to do in Antarctica;

  • Camp the night on the mainland
  • Take in the twilight – it doesn’t get completely dark
  • Kayaking the purest water you will see
  • Donate a bra and in return receive free drinks at the southernmost bar
  • Send a postcard home (you will get back before it!)
  • Zodiac tours to find leopard seals and whales
  • Visit the ship’s bridge and plot the ship’s course with the captain
  • Share meals with the expedition team
  • Pack your swimmers and do the polar plunge!
  • Make friends from all over the world & find someone from your hometown!
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