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Things I didn’t know when I booked my trip to Antarctica.

Ok so I was very lucky to have a partner in the travel industry and he organised us a trip, meaning I did absolutely no research and my only job was to buy a backpack and pack it.  Here are some things I learnt:

  • You get to Antarctica from South America, not Tasmania. Specifically the southernmost tip of Argentina, Ushuaia
  • Argentina is 1000 km closer to Antarctica than Tasmania, and who wants to spend any more time puking than they have to?
  • The seas are rough crossing the Drake Passage, the rest of the trip is smooth sailing. Two beds are better than one when you have sea sick partner. 
  • I had to take my entire wardrobe for the cold in Antarctica and the South American summer – shove all that up your backpack!
  • The food on our ship was amazing, no canned food in sight, and there were fresh baked cookies. Every. Day.
  • Cookie flavours changed daily ensuring you can never pass them up
  • Everybody goes to the three-course meal in their track suit/expedition wear
  • You will think you are extreme until you meet the expedition team
  • Your friends don’t meet the expedition team so they think you’re extreme
  • You can get off the ship each day to explore, kayak and you can even camp on the mainland and do the polar plunge in your bikini!
  • We’d see the world’s largest bird, the Wondering Albatross.
  • There is plenty of wildlife but no Polar bears in Antarctica, I’ll have to go to the Arctic next!
  • I am not the only person who thought there were polar bears.


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