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Season: Spring

Antarctica twilight iceberg and moon

A perfect Antarctic twilight. Photo Krystle Wright






  • Months: October – December
  • Pricing from: Expedition USD$4,695 per person / triple share
  • Pricing from: Luxury AUD$4,995* per person / triple share

The early season voyages to Antarctica are really special, it’s a time in Antarctic when the landscape is emerging from the cloak of the Antarctic winter. At this time the landscape is at its most picturesque, the sea ice flows and the shores lap at the winters low-lying snowline, the setting sun creates magical twilight hues, creating magical sunsets and photographer’s dreams.

There’s a very good chance you’ll land on virgin snow, the Penguins are in the throes of courting and establishing their rookeries, so the snow is clean and untrodden. All of these elements combine perfectly for those who passion is in the landscape, geology or photography.

At this time the wildlife on the Antarctic Peninsula is limited, which is a why particularly in October most of the vessels operate Antarctic and South Georgia voyages. These voyages are always extremely well priced and represent great value.

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Season: Summer

Adelie penguins in Antarctica

Adelie penguins in Antarctica. Photo Amanda Till






  • Months: December – February
  • Pricing from: Expedition USD$4,695 per person / Triple share
  • Pricing from: Luxury USD$7,995 per person / Triple share

These are the warmer months in Antarctica, the days are long with almost 24 hours of sunlight!

Summer in Antarctica is peak season for tourist and wildlife alike. Antarctica is alive at this time, penguin chicks hatch, seal pups are born, you sail under the midnight sun, it is an infinitely exciting time to be in Antarctica!

As we come into the summer months, the sea ice and icebergs begin to thin and so it becomes more accessible to get further south through the narrow channels of the Antarctic Peninsula. Of course over the summer months, our Christmas and New Year’s Eve departures are among some of the most popular. It is also a great time to consider Antarctic Circle voyages and South Georgia voyages also.

Voyages in February are a stand out for us in particular. During February there is so much happening, as the penguin chicks and seal pups go to sea, the Leopard seals arrive for easy meals, the whales begin their surface feeding so displays are heightened.The voyages are just outside the peak season, so the prices begin to drop too.

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Season: Late Summer

Humpback whale with calf in Antarctica

Humpback whale and calf in Antarctica. Photo Kylie Wade








  • Months: February – April
  • Pricing from: Expedition USD$5,500 per person / Quad share
  • Pricing from: Luxury USD$7,995 per person / Triple share

Late February and March are by far the best times for whale watching voyages in Antarctica, with such significant increases in the number of whales, the opportunities over this period are really great. At this time, the whales are feeding on krill that is located close to the surface, so they are often surfacing and putting on magnificent displays.

During these later months, there are many expeditions further south on the continent to cross the Antarctic Circle, as the ice has thinned. The sun has again shifted to create beautiful twilight periods that seemingly go on forever.

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At the end of the day, Antarctic is rarely going to disappoint. It’s a destination of such magnificence that everyone with an open mind is going to have such incredible experiences and feelings of wonder. Like all things in life, a little compromise is always needed, so we’d recommend finding an expedition that suits your most important travel preferences.

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Banner Image: Krystle Wright



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