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The Digital Village is a platform that provides a network of hand-selected digital specialist contractors to work directly with Startups, SMEs and Corporations.

It supports Startups, SMEs and Corporations to source exactly what skills and experience they need and work directly with a team or individual to build lasting business relationships and digital products at the same time.

The platform

Building products, business and relationships

  • Start Ups

    Are you in need of a technical co-founder, to help you build your product and business?

  • Digital Nomads

    Are you looking for ongoing work and more meaningful projects to be involved in?

  • Agencies & Organisations

    Are you looking for people with a particular set of skills that you don't have on full-time?

  • Contractors/Freelancers

    Are you a digital specialist freelancer looking for ongoing work and a flexible work:life balance?

  • Enterprise

    Are you looking for the perfect A-Team to get the job done effectively?

  • Specialist Team

    Are you a digital specialist contractor wanting to be part of a team of talented and like-minded individuals working on large scale projects?

The model

Contract Specialists directly or have us manage your project


Speak to us about building your product through our 20 day development method. This provides both the client and specialist with a flexibility and transparency that cannot be achieved through conventional software development methodologies.

  • Product Managers are allocated to each project.
  • Lean Startup Methodology.
  • 20 day development cycles.


Clients can contract specialists as subcontractors under Digital Village or directly, depending on the clients requirements.

  • Commission specialists directly and negotiate terms separately.
  • Hire specialists through the platform on day, week and monthly rates.
  • Hire Teams at a discounted price.

run your project through the village

If you have a new product you want to build, we recommend using our 20 Day method.
If you have a running project or business, we recommend hiring what you need.

20 Day Method Hire Specialists

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