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Digital Nomads

We want you

Do you want to live a life of exciting travel, but still progress in a career? It is possible with this platform. Join the village and we will see you around the world.

Specialist Contractors

We want you

You have likely done your hard yards in an agency and know your stuff better than anyone. Get paid accordingly and take control of your life:work balance.

Small teams

We want you

Do you have a small team you work with on projects? Join the Village to scale your team up and down to work on bigger projects.

We're looking for

Software Engineers

All languages and frameworks

Product Managers

technologically profficient, business accumen, people

Digital Designers

Branding, Web Design, digital media design

Digital Marketers

SEO, Social Strategy, digital advertising, content marketing, Inbound marketing.


Database design, systems, integrations


Front-End, Back-End, Full-Stack

Current demand

We currently have projects in need of these skills