Packaging tips

Packaging tips

From locations in Australia (also see To send preserved samples)

Semen stored in the correct buffered formal saline solution usually gets to us in good condition whether it comes via courier or via Australia Post.

Notes for Australia Post:

We recommend padding well with bubble wrap or the use of a padded post pack. The use of paper envelopes is not recommended as vials may be shattered by sorting machines.

Other general problems

Clip top vials need to be checked to make sure they are properly closed front and back.  Semen not stored in the correct buffered formal saline has arrived in poor condition and has not been able to be assessed.  Some abnormalities seen in sperm have been caused by the wrong preservative being used.

From locations outside Australia (also see To send preserved samples)

Label the outside of the package with:

Attention  Quarantine: ICON Case: Animal or Plant Specimens Preserved and Fixed.
This package contains 0.1mL of nonviable bovine semen preserved in 1mL of Buffered Formal Saline.
Buffered formal saline contains the following:
Buffered Formal Saline (amounts per 1L) Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate Na2HPO4  6.1936g  Potassium di Hydrogen Orthophosphate KH2PO4   2.542g,  Sodium Chloride NaCl  5.406g,   Formaldehyde  HCHO  125mL.

This declaration is to be displayed on the outside of your post package and must contain your letterhead and the following information:

Senders Declaration

This consignment contains  ————— samples

Sent by _________________________
Sender’s Position ____________________

These samples are non viable bovine semen preserved in Buffered Formal Saline (a 12.5% Formaldehyde Solution) :

Buffered Formal Saline (For Sperm Morphology)

Preservation Method 12.5% Formaldehyde

To Make                                                                                               1L                                          

DiSodium Hypophospate                                 Na2HPO4              6.1936g                

Potassium Dihydrogen                                     KH2PO4                        2.542g                                  

Sodium Chloride                                                NaCl                      5.406g                  

Formaldehyde (AR)                                           HCHO                   125mL                 

Univar Formaldehyde Soln HCHO 30.03 UN No 2209

Dissolve first 3 chemicals each in @100mLs of distilled water and add to a 1L  volumetric flask. Add formaldeyde and make up to volume.

Please use our contact us form or phone 0427 754709 if you wish to advise us of dispatch times.