To send preserved samples

Send semen in Buffered Formal Saline Solution (BFS).  2mL vials containing 1mL of BFS can be ordered by email, on line from QSML via our order form, or by phoning 0427 754709. Vials sent are screw cap unless otherwise specified.

  • If semen is creamy (600 x 106/mL), add 1 – 2 drops semen to the BFS in the vial. (Aim to keep vials at approximate 37 C prior to semen addition and as cool as possible after addition)
  • If semen is milky add 5 – 6 drops of semen to the vial.
  • If semen is watery (180 x 106/mL) take out half the BFS and fill the vial. (Ensure vials are kept cool to reduce bacterial growth at this concentration)

Shake the vial gently after the addition of sperm to avoid clumping.  Accurate morphology results are difficult or impossible to obtain once clumping has occurred.   Please note: if samples are contaminated with urine, please keep refrigerated as much as possible to decrease bacterial growth.  Seal vials in snap lock bag or container and include either:

  • Bull Reporter II File Name or
  • A copy of our Excel Breeding Soundness Worksheet.  This form facilitates the recording of Breeding Soundness Evaluation measurements for those not using Bull Reporter II.  It can be downloaded and the crushside data such as Breed, SC, Motility and Collection Number added.  If the form is then emailed to us, the sperm morphology results are recorded on the same sheet and emailed back to you.

Packaging preserved samples

Wrap sample in bubble wrap to ensure it is unable to fit through an Australia Post sorting machine or put in a  padded post pack (see packaging tips) .

Mail to:
P.O. Box 962
Goondiwindi 4390

Information for International Packaging

NOTE:  Preserved samples coming from overseas need to have quarantine information on the outside of the package.  To print a copy of this, scroll down to the “Print This Page” button.

Attention  Quarantine: ICON Case: Animal or Plant Specimens Preserved and Fixed.

This package contains 0.1mL of nonviable bovine semen preserved in 1mL of Buffered Formal Saline.
Buffered formal saline contains the following:
Buffered Formal Saline (amounts per 1L) Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate Na2HPO4  6.1936g  Potassium di Hydrogen Orthophosphate KH2PO4  2.542g,  Sodium Chloride NaCl  5.406g, Formaldehyde  HCHO  125mL.

This declaration is to be displayed on the outside of your post package and must contain your letterhead and the following information:

Senders Declaration

This consignment contains —- samples

Sent by _________________________
Sender’s Position ____________________

These samples are non viable bovine semen preserved in Buffered Formal Saline (a 12.5% Formaldehyde Solution):

Buffered Formal Saline (For Sperm Morphology)

Preservation Method 12.5% Formaldehyde

DiSodium Hypophospate                                 Na2HPO4          6.1936g

Potassium Dihydrogen                                     KH2PO4            2.54g

Sodium Chloride                                                NaCl                   5.406g

Formaldehyde (AR)                                           HCHO               125mL

(Univar Formaldehyde Soln HCHO 30.03 UN No 2209)

Dissolve first 3 chemicals each in 100mLs of distilled water and add to 1L  volumetric flask. Add formaldeyde and make up to volume.

To send frozen samples

To assess a frozen semen sample we require the frozen straw to be sent in liquid nitrogen.

Please use email ( or the contact us form or phone 0427 754709 to advise us of sample dispatch if you wish.